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Rental Equipment

Lakewood Pipe carries some various equipment to help our customers get the job done!  Below is a listing, feel free to call for pricing or delivery options.


AUGER for bollard holes

Gas powered hydraulic auger with various auger bits up to 24".  Will handle installation for most set-in-concrete bollard footings.  Very simple to use for drilling holes for bumper posts.


Concrete coring drill

PICTURE COMING SOON - We offer a concrete-coring drill for installing bollards where there's an existing concrete slab to drill thru.  Various sizes of core barrels, this saves the time of breaking up concrete before auger-ing a hole for the steel bollard. 


Concrete Mixers and Misc Equipment

We also offer the following support equipment for installing bollard posts and other related contracting work:

  • Electric Concrete Mixer
  • Pipe bender for electrical conduit sweeps
  • Portable pipe threaders and pipe threading machines for plumbing, electrical conduit etc
  • Portable roll-grooving or cut-grooving machines for on site victaulic installations
  • Various hand tools such as pipe wrenches and related items